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Empowering Teams

Empowering team leadership and safety performance. Motivating and training employees at all levels to care about and follow safety programs and effectively build a safety culture in your company. Making SAFETY more than just a slogan.


Coaching and Mentoring Small business in all aspects of Safety Management Systems, creating documentation relevant to their scope of works, implementation of these systems, monitoring/ reviewing for compliance.

Stay Compliant and Create A Safe, Healthy, and More Productive Workplace.

Answer the questions provided relating to the 7 Component of Work Health and Safety, and you will be well on your way toward creating a safe environment for your business and for those who work for you.

Some of Our Clients

Proud to work with the leading companies in many industries to ensure their continued safety and compliance.

Ange Dion Consulting aims to provide support to businesses in order to keep their safety system up to date. We ensure that Business Owners and Workers can feel safe when they work in the business.

Benefits of Hiring a Safety Consultant

Develop Policies for Your Business

With a professional safety consultant on your side, you can get a handle on workplace safety without breaking the bank.

Provide Training for Your Employees

A safety consultant can help you save money by identifying potential hazards, helping you train your employees on safety procedures , and finding new ways to improve.

Comply with Safety Standards

Safety audits help ensure your company stays on top of its safety program. A Safety Consultant can audit your business and make improvements. You can also get an objective perspective on all solutions.

Safety Systems Becomes a Success

A Safety Consultant is a professional who has been designated to review, analyze and suggest ways to improve work-place safety for a company.

Why Work With Us

Ange Dion

WHS Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, Mentor, JP

Ange Dion, Director of Ange Dion Consulting, is our Work, Health and Safety Consultant. She is also a Speaker, Trainer and a Mentor.

She has created and implemented safety services and programs for over 17 years in the Safety Industry. She has taken her experience into many construction sites.

Working with different teams & projects on the following matters:

"My experiences, trainings, and coaching skills can help your team achieve results in many areas of your business operations." - Ange DION


What Our Clients Have to Say

Check Our Safety Packages

One-stop-shop approcach for all your safety needs
$ 297 per month
  • Monthly retainers for Tradies
  • Access information on Work Health & Safety, Return to work, Mental Health, and Covid-19 related concerns in your workplace via phone and email support
  • All documents updated within 48 hours
Safety Speaker for Safety Training, Meeting or Events
Ange will work along side you to help you achieve Health and Safety success in you business
$ 165 per hour
  • Complement your existing safety culture
  • Work together to achieve less incidents
  • Improve understanding and create engaged, happy and healthy employees
Safety Templates for Your Business
Set up Small Safety System with Company Logo, Brand, Details and Policy
$ 1,497 package
  • Review of Current Documents
  • Set up Safety System
  • Free discovery call to discuss your business and your business needs.
Business analysis to identify your Safety Systems
$ 20,000 per year
  • 12 months of Coaching & Mentoring
  • Review of your current Safety Systems & documentation and implementation of new systems
  • Email, Text or Phone Support
  • All safety requests closed out within 3 days
  • WhatsApp group for messaging team to share tips and insights in safety
Business analysis to identify your Safety Systems
$ 40,000 per year
  • 12 months of Coaching & Mentoring
  • Review of current documentation, Safety Plan, SWMS, MSDS and more..
  • Set up and implement your Safety Management Systems tailored to your business needs.
  • Subcontractor managament
  • Assistance with site-specific requirements for major contract works.

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