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Ange Dion Consulting is your one-stop place for assisting, Work, Health and Safety requirements in Australia.

Are you facing challenges in ensuring a safe working environment?

Are you unsure about the best safety practices for your industry?

Instead of spending countless hours searching for the most effective safety practices in your industry, we offer a proven system tailored for small to medium businesses. Rest assured, we are here to assist you.

Say goodbye to the enigma of workplace safety and seize control.

Ange Dion of Ange Dion Consulting is an experienced professional who will guide you through your safety concerns. So, don't let safety be a mystery. Take control of your workplace safety by talking to an expert. Book a mentor hour with us today and embark on a journey towards a safer and more secure workplace.


Ange Dion Consulting is a consulting firm that provides Work, Health and Safety consulting services to a wide range of businesses in Australia Wide. We ensure that both workers and business owners feel comfortable and safe when working in their workplace. We offer support, advice and guidance to small business owners that encourage them to adopt a safe workplace culture.

Our Work, Health and Safety Services

Safety Mini Pack Documents

We customized Safety Mini Pack Templates tailored to your business. We review your current documentation, Safety Plans and SWMS. There will be a training on how to use the pack once received to discuss what each template is for via Face to Face or via Zoom Call.

Safe Work Method Statement Preparation

We keep safety seriously simple in your business. We can help your business create SWMS that is costumized and simplified to your own business and your site requirements using our own SWMS template.

On-site Safety Training & Empowering Teams

Ange Dion Consulting is committed to building a safety culture in your business that makes your employees have fun while motivating them to stay safe and become a better person. We also help you gain value out of your business as well make your business compliant with the law.
Empowering team leadership and safety performance. Motivating and training employees at all levels to care about and follow safety programs and effectively build a safety culture in your company. Making SAFETY more than just a slogan.

WHS Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring Small business in all aspects of Safety Management Systems, creating documentation relevant to their scope of works, implementation of these systems, monitoring/ reviewing for compliance.

Safety Speaker

Safety is something that people don't normally like to hear about. If you want to hear the fundamentals of what you must have in place as a business operator book Ange as a Speaker.


Uncover the truth behind safety system misconceptions


Check out this 1-min video for a concise Safety Presentation covering essential measures for your business.

Satisfied Clients

Proud to work with the leading companies in many industries to ensure their continued safety and compliance.

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Ange Dion


Ange Dion, Director of Ange Dion Consulting, is a Work, Health and Safety Consultant. She is also a Speaker, Trainer and a Mentor.

She has created and implemented safety services and programs for over 18 years in the Safety Industry. She has taken her experience into many construction sites.

Working with different businesses regarding the following matters;

Small Business Skill Summit - Guest Speaker

Book me to speak at your event and let's create an unforgettable experience together. Whether you need a keynote speaker or a guest speaker I can tailor my content to meet your specific needs and objectives.


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