The Truth why Positive Affirmations are so Powerful


Affirmation is to practice positive thinking & self-empowerment. It’s when you tell yourself something so many times, you eventually begin to believe it.

When you start believing, you then start working and becoming focused on accomplishing these goals that you have set for yourself.



When we hear the word ‘affirmation’ we immediately think of people who love to say positive words about themselves and their life. But, this is not what affirmation really is. It is not just about saying positive words to yourself, but it is about practicing affirmations in your everyday life.

It has been proven that affirmations can drastically improve your life. The most common way to use affirmation involves writing down positive phrases on paper and posting them around your home or workplace. Affirmation is simple, easy (you can even do it in an instant), and very effective.

Now, this may make some people think, well wait a minute if I am practicing affirmations, and I’m telling myself that I’m not good enough and saying things like “I’m not worthy of attaining what I want,” or “I don’t deserve to be happy,” then why would my affirmations work? How could I even call these “positive” affirmations?

There are numerous positives affirmations that can help to improve your quality of life. At times it may be difficult to concentrate on the positive, but with some work, it can become easier.



If you’re not familiar with affirmations, it’s a simple concept that involves positive thinking.

I’m going to share with you my version of the best positive affirmations. These are things that have worked for me, and have helped me feel better.

Here are some examples of my positive affirmations that can help you too, to improve your mindset.

🌟 I believe in myself,
🌟 I trust myself,
🌟 I have confidence in myself,
🌟 I learn from my mistakes and
🌟 I know I can accomplish anything that I set my mind to.

Some of the most powerful affirmations are in present tense, in the positive. If you want to manifest something in your future, it is far more powerful to affirm that you already have what you desire.



Affirmation is powerful because it works.

It works for everyone, no matter their status, experiences, or preferences. ❤️

So, I encourage you to write a list of affirmations list, repeat them daily, and accomplish things that you want to achieve in life.



If you’d like some help with running your Affirmation’s List please connect to me via this link Free 30-min complimentary chat . I’ll be happy to help you!

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