Hi! I'm Ange Dion

Meet Ange

I am a highly organized, self-motivated individual who gets the job done, with an extensive background in Work, Health and Safety, Business Consulting, Structure & Strategy, Mentoring & Coaching in leadership & personal development.

I am known as the "Jac of all trades"

I have 15 years of experience in the Safety Industry that has taken me to many construction sites. I worked with different teams & projects such as WorkCover, Prosecutions, Accident investigations, Subcontractor Management, and Contractual requirements for safety in Construction.

My experiences, trainings, and coaching skills can help your team achieve results in many areas of your business operations.

For many years, I found myself soul searching and found that I really enjoyed working with people. My passion for helping people took me on a journey to heal the world and make it a happier place. I believe in being generous and giving value and have an even bigger dream.

I lives to inspire people to put themselves first and to do what they love most so that all of us can spread love and happiness around more!

As a Mentor and a Coach,
I assist people with improving the following;

Self-Love & Confidence



Effective Leadership Skills

Overcoming Fear & Anxiety


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Thank you for taking the time to visit me here. I’m delighted that we’re connected and I look forward to how our journeys unfold.

Here's to you..

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