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Google Reviews

I was lucky enough to first hear Ange Dion speak as guest speaker at the Positive, Passionate, Business Women’s May Meetup, and have also attended one of Ange’s webinars - Reconstructing You Now. Ange is a powerhouse of positivity and motivation - two qualities I highly admire and often find myself lacking! I find Ange’s can-do attitude, combined with her warmth and candour, refreshing and relatable; and I look forward to implementing what I have learned from her, not only in my business, but in all aspects of my life.
Jacqui Moore
Ange was a great help to me in working out why I was struggling to move forward in both my personal life, and in my business. She listened to my story and gave me an insight into myself that has helped me move forward in all aspects of my life and business. Ange is easy to talk to, really listens to what you are saying, and has a wealth of knowledge and skills that can help move you towards your goals. I recommend Ange's services highly.
Ian Campbell
Ange Dion Consulting is a one stop shop when it comes to: Business & personal development, Ange Dion will assist you in finding yourself and making decisions / coices that is best for you and through this you will start to feel empowered because through empowerment you organically do better and make better choices and through these choices success is achieved! keep up the good work, her webinars are Tops!! Highly recommended
Mike Emmo
Having known and worked with Ange Dion for around 2 years I have found her to be genuinely caring for her clients and always looking out for their best interests. She is inspiring and her personality always brings positive engagement from those she serves.
Steven Franks
Ange set me up on the CM3 platform in July 2020. I couldn't have done it without her. With experience working for large contractors and large corporate entities, Ange is perfectly equipped to guide you through the maze that is OHS processes and compliance. I have no hesitation in recommending Ange to any organisation requiring support in the area of OHS
Damien Howes
CM3 Platform
Ange Dion consulting was amazing to work with. Ange had my company Cm3 accredited within 72 hours, were others couldn't. Ange is very professional,courteous and her work ethics are fantastic. She new exactly what to do. I would highly recommend her. Thank you for all your efforts. Thank you very much for all your efforts.
Mark Mavrick
Cm3 Accreditation
Very professional and efficient. Friendly & Personalised services. Would highly recommend Ange Dion Consulting.
Evelyn Aravanis
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality
Matina B
Ange is passionate about helping others, having worked together for over 12 months I can highly recommend Ange's services.
Peter Swatosch

Facebook Reviews

Ange is so positive and has a genuine intent to help humans in need of the mental nourishment of positivity. I have been blessed to know, interact, and learn from her. I would highly recommend Ange Dion Consulting.
Raz Reza
As always Ange's courses are full of information and life-changing information. Thank you for the leadership course, I have implemented some things already.
Anna Bratby
Ange is an inspiration - always. Ange is passionate about everything And if you have her on your side, you cannot lose Ange also has an amazing ability to see where people may be stuck and to motivate them. She is open honest and wears her heart on her sleeve. You won't be disappointed.
Maryanne Mcneill
I had the pleasure to attend one of Ange’s workshops recently. Highly recommended!!!! She can boost “your energy and “”charge” you better than a “red bull” !!!
Natasha Kastelloriou
Ange is the best! I would highly recommend chatting to her!! Keep up the great work Ange:-)
Darren Saul
Fantastic and inspirational speaker.
John Tsekas
Ange Dion Consulting Knows people, Cares, and has the personal skills to transform people and their mediocre lives. By merely aspiring to reaching the masses and aiming at being the next Oprah's. Ange can help you become whoever you may be dreaming to be deep within. Life has burdens and we are all complicated individuals. The average person can not coach you into greatness it takes passion, determination, inner strength not simply to survive but to grow from past trauma into who one is born to be. Ange understands through self-awareness Love, care, nurturing, belief COURAGE one can reach our best life. Alone we are battling our own inner hurts, though in a relationship we can grow limitless, beyond what we ever knew we could. Our own mind, if we do not understand how to control it and work with it, creates blocks. These barriers do not serve you. Working with Ange has freed me into my highest utmost self. No amount of money can buy one True Authentic freedom. With the tools, I have been equipped with, my soul is lighter, enlightened, free joyous, peaceful. The world had been awaiting me for so long. Life has so much to embrace, the time is now. God Bless
Angela Andromedas
Ange is a passionate and thoughtful speaker and a great coach for both business and personal needs. She listens and then asks the questions that allow you to delve further into what is holding you back. She then helps to make a plan to overcome obstacles on both a personal level and in your business. I recommend Ange highly to anyone who wants to further their business and their results in life. 🙂🙏
Ian Campbell
I have had the absolute pleasure of knowing Ange over the past year. In that time I have found Ange to be an incredible person with an amazing ability to inspire others with her positive outlook on life and her energy is infectious. Ange is very genuine, kind, empathetic and a compassionate person who is very easy to talk to. These are the very valuable qualities that make her a great coach and speaker. She takes a lot of pride in her work and she always go above and beyond to provide highest quality service to others. And did I mention that she also has a voice of an angel? This lady is definitely gifted and I highly recommend her!
Irena Geller

LinkedIn Recommendations

I’ve had the privilege to know Ange from my high school years and now through the same areas of interest. Ange is very genuine, non- judgemental, and very easy to talk to. Qualities which make her a great Coach and Speaker. I thoroughly recommend her services to everyone.
Litsa Diak
Ange has completely changed my life In many different ways. Showing me not only all the potential doors to be opened, but how to strut through them with confidence. I strongly recommend Ange to all companies, small businesses, and individuals looking for a change or to get back on the right path.
Jason Granero
I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Ange Dion. Direct, astute, knowledgeable, sincere, friendly, and a very straight-shooting person both in a professional capacity and in person. Just talk to Ange regarding health and safety in your workplace. Your consultation will be well rewarded.
Nicky Stamos
Safety Consultation
Ange has an amazing ability to inspire action, and moving out of your own way. She has been a valuable support over the last year, and has inspired me to take more actions and believe in myself. Thank you Ange. Highly recommended!
Beth Dovey
I highly recommend Ange she is awesome. Ange is a power bomb, she is full of energy and enthusiasm. Her I can do attitude is contagious. she is extremely passionate and driven to achieve results, very inspiring.
Rakia El-debel
Ange is nothing short of a power house! Ange is inspiring, uplifting and definitely a strong motivating force. Her integrity and support that she shows with her consulting is second to none.
Diane Klemm Goode
Hey honey I know I'm super slack with checking in, but I wanted to tell you that we set the goal for 2 new training clients by end Oct. Wasn't tracking to reach it - got 2 calls yesterday for training and they both signed off today. I'll be forever grateful for our coaching sessions and the Impact on my life and business Xxxx
Amanda Aravena
1 on 1 Coaching
Thank you for all your help and hard work over the last couple of months, you really have been my saving star, and I expect Ange Dion Consulting to be the biggest WHS and Business Tool in the future!
Gabriel Sigrimis
Safety Platinum Plan
I currently work with Ange, she is our WHS Consultant & Coach at City Building Services. Ange is a very committed colleague and aspiration to our company, she always goes the extra mile for our team and provides some of the highest quality service i have seen over the years. Ange is a strong asset for many businesses and i would emphatically recommend her for any business needing WHS consultancy, coaching & support.
Nathan Wood
Safety Consultation

Webinar, Wedding & Other Events Reviews

Thank you so much for Mceeing our wedding yesterday... You did an amazing job.. You were the life of the party and very professional... I will recommend you to everyone...xxxxxxxxxxx
Poppy Gueguen
Ange, my angel, my shining star. You ARE the fat lady that makes it all happen. Daniel and I are so grateful for all that you did last night. You absolutely got things rocking and rolling and I would recommend you to any bride to be. You my dear are a star. Your name will ring through the ages. Love you!
Marley & Daniel
Wedding MC Package
Thank you very much for the experience of this afternoon. It has really set my life with different expectations and come to realize that I shouldn’t have a fear of anything, and I should strive the best I can do!
Matt P
It's incredible! Your energy is giaaaaant! I feel it here in the other part of the world in South America, Argentina. Always hearing you. You motivates me. Thanks.
Tomas Furey
Just like to say thanks about those coaching tips today they were really great and was good to learn more about myself.
James Robinson
Ange, it has been fabulous working with you, and we would like to thank you for all your tremendous efforts since the ARA acquisition. I think the new team will have big shoes to fill in your absence. All the best, and do hope to talk to you prior to your departure! Xx Kind regards
Creina Wells
BEST MC EVER!!! You were amazing Ange! Thank you so much xxx
Despina O'niell
And that she was and is Anyone looking for a MC trust me Ange is the lady
Pam Arvanitellis
You will be sadly missed. Your commitment to excellence and exceeding our expectations is to be applauded. You have never put off doing what needs to be done …. with you urgent does mean urgent …turn around and it’s done!!! Cheers Bill
Bill Rushton
Ange, you kindly did an amazing job as the mc at my fund-raiser for Thalassaemia. It's your calling, you are a natural. Follow your passion.
Martha Gerolemou
Best MC 100% !!! This is where you shine, you are a gun in this field as you capture 100% attention with your audience. You are dynamic, uplifting, and I love how you add humour to make events memorable!
Natasha Halias
Ange was someone who had achieved what I wanted to work towards, and she was passionate about coaching me. I felt an instant connection. Ange knew exactly how to set me on my way to my own success. Right from the first session, I was excited about my journey and I felt that Ange believed in me too. Ange helped me set manageable goals and gave me strategies to achieve each one. Using her knowledge and her experience to guide me, I understood that she knew how to help me. Ange was able to pinpoint my barriers and advised me on how to overcome them, which I did. Being coached by Ange was the best thing that I have done for myself in a long time and I am extremely glad that I did. After only a few sessions Ange has set me on the path to success and the results that I have seen for myself have been tremendous. Thanks, Ange for your dedication and your support but most importantly giving me the skills to achieve my goals.
Tonia Kas
I have participated in a few webinars hosted by Ange Dion and found them to be very empowering. Ange encourages and helps each participant to reach within for the strength they already possess. She introduces them to tools and strategies they can utilise to overcome personal and professional challenges, to become a happier & stronger version of themselves. I feel that Ange’s webinars have definitely helped me move forward with more confidence and resilience, ready to embark on a new chapter of my professional life. I will be returning for future webinars hosted by Ange; she is dynamic and her participants feel energised by her enthusiasm and zest for life”. You sent August 24, 2020
Patti Korkidas
I was nervous about getting an Emcee for my wedding, attention to detail, entertaining and structured with a personality was on my list. Then I met Ange. Ange made my wedding day happen. Ange was everyone’s people and most of all a person that I could rely on. Ange is AMAZING, I wouldn’t hesitate to book Ange to Emcee an event again. You brought an energy to our wedding that made the atmosphere exciting. Thank you Ange. Your one in a trillion ❤️
Natasha Papadakis
We had you emceeing at our wedding You made our night enjoyable
Angela Tzivanopoulos